First Regenerative Medical Center Comes to Duluth

Duluth, MN (January 28, 2020) Novus Health Solutions, Duluth’s first regenerative medical center, located across from the Burning Tree Plaza, is now welcoming patients.

At its onset, Novus Health Solutions will provide multiple regenerative treatments that will include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy; amniotic fluid derived mesenchymal stem cell therapies; and UltraSlim non-invasive warm red light fat reduction, green light cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation therapy.

According to Dr. Jay Huber, physician and founder of Novus Health Solutions, their goal “is to provide alternative, regenerative care to people in the region, who would otherwise have to travel great distances, even to other countries, for similar care.”

Dr. Huber has 26 years of experience practicing medicine in multiple clinic, hospital, university and private practice settings in multiple states. He is currently medical director of multiple regenerative medicine centers and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of regenerative care solutions. Susan Maras is the clinic’s director of nursing and clinic operations.

“We are leading the way with services that inspire people to take control of their health in ways they haven’t been able to in the past,” says Dr. Huber. “We offer innovative approaches such as stem cell therapy to help those with acute or chronic orthopedic pain, sports injuries and more; hormone replacement to provide relief to men and women with hormone imbalance symptoms; and UltraSlim, an FDA approved light therapy that can help individuals meet their body goals by eliminating stubborn fat.”

Novus Health Solutions expects to offer additional regenerative services in the future.

“We ultimately want to offer alternative services that optimize the way people feel and to enhance the quality of their lives,” says Maras.

About Novus Health Solutions
Novus Health Solutions is located in Duluth, Minnesota across from the Burning Tree Plaza at 2522 Maple Grove Road. Its primary mission is to offer high quality, leading edge regenerative care that allows people to enhance and improve the lifestyle they desire to pursue or continue. Website is

Contact: For further information, contact: Dr. Jay Huber at 218.206.9278,; or Susan Maras at 218.220.5487,

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